Wellness Retreats and Massage Therapy

June 16, 2020

Each of our wellness retreats invite you to let go of the the stress of the day.  Binaural beat therapy is a complimentary enhancement option for all wellness retreat and massage services. Each massage service includes complementary warm towels.

Goddess Returns Summer Retreat

$225/ 2 1/2 hours

This full body retreat includes a 50 minute customized massage, Thai foot retreat, and 50 minute customized facial

Mens Signature Retreat

$325/2 hours

This retreat for wellness includes a customized back, neck and shoulder massage, Hydrafacial Signature, or Hydrafacial back treatment, and Thai foot retreat

Signature Wellness Retreat

$160/90 minutes

This retreat includes a 50 minute customized massage and 30 minute Thai Foot Retreat.

Calm Mind Customized Escape

$150/90 minutes

This relaxing escape includes an aromatherapy breathing ritual, and Lomi Lomi massage technique. The continuous flow of movement and gentle stretching revitalize and uplift. This renewal is sealed with rebalancing reiki chakra alignment. and a mini Thai foot retreat.

Boulder Roller Deep Tissue Escape

$150/90 minutes

This therapeutic massage incorporates deep tissue and cupping techniques to decrease tension and treat muscle injuries. Includes complimentary sore muscle liniment

Thai-atsu Signature Escape

$125/80 minutes

Thai Massage and Shiastsu meet in this dynamic stretching and acupressure massage. Comfortable clothes required for accurate technique.

Boulder Roller Mini 

$85.00/30 minutes

Thai Foot Retreat

$70/45 minutes

This relaxing foot retreat decreases stress. Includes and exfoliating Ayurvedic foot scrub and Thai foot reflexology



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