We don't drink the same Fam

The J curve is one of the most discussed topics among researchers of alcohol and its effects. The J curve is a way to determine the effects on mortality in those who drink and those who do not, The highest mortality is in heavy drinkers. Those who do not drink have a higher mortality that those who drink moderately. This is thought to be, possibly, due to the potentially protective effects of Resveratrol in red wine. I remember about ten years ago there was a non alcoholic drink being sold via a Mary Kay style business model. One of my clients brought it to me. It had açaí and some other really yummy things in it. One research finding uncovered that there are absolutely no protective benefits in alcohol consumption for Black people. A study done by the University of Buffalo examined the drinking patterns of over 2,000 African-Americans over the course of 20 years. This study found that even when drinking moderately, Black people did not recieve the same protective benefits as their white counterparts. The study found that the Black people they were monitoring drank less often, but when they did drink it was a significantly larger amount that the white participants in the study. It has been found that the types of alcohol marketed to Black and Hispanics is marketed on larger volume containers with a higher alcohol percentage. This combined with the tendency to binge drink by consumers on this community creates a recipe for disaster. No matter what form the alcohol comes in it still contains ethanol. The Biology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY found that ethanol can lead to malnutrition, and can exert a direct toxicological effect due to its interference with hepatic metabolism and immunological functions. If you are currently struggling with a dependency on alcohol it is better to let it go all together. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

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