Taking the Raines

April 25, 2020

Taking the Raines

Kiola Raines is an Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset coach based in Long Beach California. Kiola has been on her sober journey since 2015. Through her ups and downs she has discovered more about her capability to handle her life without needing to induce pseudo allayment through alcohol. I have asked her answer “The Black and Sober Questionnaire”. This five question survey as designed to give you, the reader, the deepest insight possible into the recovery process for others in the community. Through the answers below you have the opportunity to discover a clue into your own process of transformation. As the comedy great Jim Gaffigan says “ We all have our personal McDonalds.” Whether your addiction is alcohol, cigarettes, or yummy French fries at the bottom of the bag you can learn to make better choices. Thank you again Mrs. Kiola Raines for sharing your journey. Visit kiolaraines.com to experience and learn more about the services Kiola offers.



1. What prompted you to start your sober journey?

After getting arrested for a DUI in 2015 I initially gave sobriety a chance but didn’t take the steps towards recovery that I learned about in a 12 step program. Sobriety is the easy part, recovery is where all the work is done! I didn’t know that and ended back drinking about 8 months after quitting. In 2018 I attended a healing retreat and met an amazing woman who shared some of her experience, strength and hope with me and I knew I was sick and tired of the way my life was going. I was over struggling, over the anxiety, the anger and the feeling of always being on edge. I especially didn’t like how alcohol took hold of me, that feeling of craving and that feeling of one drink never being enough and 10 drinks never being enough.

I was ready to try anything that could help me feel freedom and peace.

2. How long has it been?

I have been in recovery for 1 year now! Best year of my life. One 1/1/19 my life definitely changed for the better for ever. It will be intentional work for the rest of my life but I am worth the work!

3. What has been your biggest challenge/lesson during your sober journey

Facing the reality that I will never be able to drink like the average person. Facing and accepting the reality that my body and mind simply are not designed to have alcohol the way my friends or family may be able to. 

Facing the facts of what a jerk I was when I was off the wagon and drinking regularly. Cleaning up my messes and facing my character defects. Step 9 is definitely the hardest of all! I STILL have Step 9 work to do!

4. What is you greatest motivation to remain sober?

I just feel so damn happy I dont ever ever want to go back to that life. I never want to see that version of me again and I have too much joy in my life to destroy it agai with a lifestyle that’s built on drinks. My family is my motivation, and my vision of my life and my lifestyle goals keep me focused. I’m determined to build and maintain healthy and positive relationships with my family and that’s what keeps me going.

5. What insight can you give to anyone contemplating beginning their journey to a sober and wellness focused life?

Get a sponsor! Go to meetings. Work the steps. You have to work the steps and in my opinion it will change your life forever. The 12 steps are designed for your ultimate life transformation, they truly are and as a person raised in the church, all honor to God, but these 12 steps did more for me than any experience the church ever offered me. Do the work because it works!

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