Making space within

May 25, 2020

Making space within

Reading this story of triumph really made my day.  Rachel C. Thomas is a Louisville realtor who helps people find the space that make them feel at home everyday.  It's amazing to me how learning to make space within herself for her true identity has led to such a tremendous transformation.  Her journey is one I can definitely relate to and I hope you will as well.  To learn more about Rachel, and to seek her outstanding services please visit

The Questionnaire

1. What prompted you to start your sober journey?
I started this sober journey because I found myself in a whole lot of legal trouble because of my drinking. It had finally caught up to me and there was no where to turn. I found solace in others who had been successful at living a sober life, knew firsthand the pain that I had been in all those years and could call me on my BS. I was desperate and my new found fellows had the solution. I wanted to be happy, joyous & free, too. 
For the record, legal trouble isn’t what qualifies me as an alcoholic. I’m an alcoholic because I have a mental obsession & compulsion to drink beyond my control. Once, I start I cannot stop, no matter how many promises I make to just have one.

2. How long has it been?
My sobriety date is 11.02.2015. I would have never thought I could go one day without alcohol let alone 4.5 years. Now, it is hard for me to imagine that I ever drank at all. It is amazing how time and the next right action make such a huge impact.

3. What has been your biggest challenge/lesson during your sober journey?
For a long time my biggest challenge was isolation. I was so used to dealing with feelings on my own & bottling up emotions then drinking over them. It was hard for me to open up and share some of my innermost secrets. I was ashamed of where alcohol had taken me and wanted to maintain this picture perfect image, but that was taken away from me so, I had to get used to being vulnerable and most importantly, honest. 
My biggest lesson has been that I have the disease of alcoholism that has to be treated each day with action. Prayer, meditation, gratitude, affirmations & working a program with my sponsor have saved my life. Thank God I don’t have to do this alone.

4. What is you greatest motivation to remain sober?
My greatest motivation to remain sober is gratitude for my current life & the power of believing that no matter what comes my way, I don't have to drink or drug over it. Life still happens & alcohol will not make it better.

5. What insight can you give to anyone contemplating beginning their journey to a sober and wellness focused life?
From my experience, surrounding myself with sober people made sober living easier. Relying on a Higher Power, remaining teachable, accepting help & trusting other alcoholics who are doing the work is key. In the beginning, I went to outpatient treatment, attended meetings, worked with a sponsor, fellowshipped with other alcoholics & stayed away from people, places & things that were triggering.
6. How do you incorporate what you’ve learned on your journey into your daily life?
I incorporate what I’ve learned about recovery through daily rituals. Every morning I pray, meditate, create a gratitude list & write down several affirmations. I write down fears and resentments that pop up throughout the day and talk them over with my sponsor in the evenings. I make an effort to give myself and others space to be who we are & focus on doing the next right thing. Progress not Perfection.


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