Freedom Through Movement

April 25, 2020

Freedom Through Movement

I have been following Ms. Johari Mayfield for quite some time now. I am absolutely captivated by her work in movement therapy. Her video “Recovery” brought me to tears. So much can be said by how one carry and move through our body, and Johari’s movements declare in every explosive motion “Freedom Now!”

Johari is a certified personal trainer, dancer, choreographer and sobriety advocate. I am so thankful that she agreed to share her journey. Through her story I realized that, for some people, beginning the road to recovery can be as simple as receiving that cue of change and moving with force in the direction that cue takes you immediately. It doesn’t always have to be a long process to make the first step. The journey begins when you take the first step.

The Questionnaire :


1. What prompted you to start your sober journey?

There was no incident in particular. I was at a point where I needed to surrender and ask for help. My yoga teacher helped me get to my first meeting. I remember calling her from  a Thai restaurant because I couldn't stop drinking.  

2. How long has it been?

I'll have 3 years on March 5, 2020

3.What has been your biggest challenge/lesson during your sober journey. 

That surrender doesn't mean loss, it means to join the winning team. 

4. What is your greatest motivation to remain sober? 

Freedom!  No more hiding. To be in the skin I'm in, live in my truth while being able to look anyone in the eye.

5. What insight can you give to anyone contemplating beginning their journey to a sober and wellness focused life? 

It's a one day at a time journey with ups and downs. Everyone is riding that wave. In sobriety, though, I have a fellowship of people who know and love me and I them. You don't have to do it alone.    

6. How do you incorporate what you have learned on your journey into your daily life?

Patience, forgiveness, empathy while being grounded in the reality of life are some of the best takeaways I’ve learned in my recovery. Sobriety is not just not drinking and using. It’s now being with all my feelings and the feelings of others with discernment and clarity. Patience with myself when I make a mistake creates space for me to be empathetic to others. I am by no means perfect. Definitely growing along spiritual lines with a wonderful fellowship of people in recovery like myself.-- 

Live your life of happiness today


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