Skincare Advice and Wellness Tips

About Me


Almost two decades, and still going strong

I began my journey into the wellness and beauty industry 17 years ago. At that time I was a humble 18 year old looking for a way to share my insight and ability to transform health through touch.  As a  board certified massage therapist, licensed esthetician and traditional Chinese medical therapist I am still finding new ways to share the gift of wellness and beauty with the world.  I am excited for this opportunity to share my experience with you.


The Gift of TCM

I choose traditional Chinese medicine and Asian bodywork as my primary faculties of inducing wellness with my clients.  Through these therapies I have found the ability to gift my clients with consistent results in their skin health, along with the continuous ability to restore wellness in spa and at home.


Results focused products and services

Each product used in service and recommended for home use has been clinically  researched and tested.  As someone with the occasional temperamental skin I understand that what we apply on our skin should also be good for what happens within our body.  I want you to begin to see results immediately, and be able to maintain those  results as home.